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July 4, 2023

You know those moments when there is something you want to say or a conversation you think needs to be started, something you know in your bones is a fitting thing to say, yet you’re a bit frightened to say it?  There are essentially two approaches here…retreat and avoid the thing you’re frightened of or call upon your courage and proceed, even though you’re frightened.     

Typically, both of these options are unpleasant at the moment.  When we are being courageous, we are usually filled with fear.  Our heart is racing and we don’t know if we are going to be up to the challenge.  Really, the experience of courage is only nice after the fact.  On the other hand, when we retreat we feel momentarily relieved, but potentially defeated and perhaps it puts us into a self-doubt spiral.  Whether you choose courage or retreat – both are quite challenging.  

What we want you to consider is that in both examples, we are strengthening our muscles.  Either the muscles of courage or the muscles of retreat.  Given that both create a challenging experience, what kind of muscles do you want to be building?  

To building the best muscles

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