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June 13, 2023

An allergy is a reaction to what is usually a harmless foreign substance.  Our immune system treats the foreign substance e.g. pollen, peanuts, dust, etc. as if it were a threat, and mounts a full scale attack giving us all the common allergy symptoms.  

This is a great analogy for our emotions as well.  We often think that feeling something (think anger and sadness) is a threat and we have created lots of defense mechanisms to protect ourselves from feeling.  The problem is the defense mechanisms tend to wreak far more havoc than the feeling ever would.  Our bodies and minds react as if sadness and anger are life threatening.  But in fact, feeling these emotions freely is what creates vitality.  When we avoid them we tend to feel stuck and start to feel the devolved forms of these emotions like, hostility, jealousy and many others.  

What emotions do you act like you’re allergic to?  

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