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February 14, 2023

When did we start taking pride in being able to do many things at once?  In fact, it is MUCH more difficult to do one thing and only one thing.  It is hard to place our attention on one thing and leave it there.  That is why the “flow” state is so coveted.  We miss being fully absorbed in one thing because frequently we are juggling 2, 3, 4 things at once.  

So, instead of being prideful that you can listen to your friend, respond to an email, and eat your lunch, consider accepting the challenge to do one thing at a time and only one thing.  Perhaps attempting to do many things at once limits the amount of time you spend in a flow state.  Consider even your leisure activities.  Can you watch TV without scrolling on your phone at the same time?  Pay attention throughout your week, when do you truly do one thing at a time?  

To One-tasking!

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